"The Story Of Boobs"

The Breast Tale Ever Told

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The Actor

Natalia was born in the lovely hamlet of Van Nuys, California and grew up in the San Fernando Valley.  She was raised by a professor mother and an art director father who instilled in her a love of science, the arts, nature and Mel Brooks films (“Blazing Saddles” is her all-time favorite). She began acting in grade school where her breakthrough performance was playing a Tyrannosaurus Rex in the first grade play (a role usually reserved for boys).  After tackling prehistoric…. [read more]

The Anthropologist

Natalia Reagan’s interest in anthropology began when she took a biological anthropology course during her undergraduate studies at a local community college.  As it turned out, the class changed her life, her way of thinking and the course of her academic career (her major at the time was theater) and she fell in love with anthropology.  She had always been fascinated by human behavior and morphology.   Natalia was fueled by a desire to know how and [read more

The Boobs

I became curious about breast evolution while I was taking a class on paleoanthropology during my undergraduate studies.  As an actress, I also found the obsession with breasts and their “value” in Hollywood interesting.  The more I researched the topic I was fascinated by how many theories existed.  Here they are…be sure to look up the theories below using the references provided to get a more comprehensive overview… [read more]